About Amherst Copy & Design Works

About Sean


What do I love? Printing. Making life more convenient for my customers. Being local. Helping customers make their printing projects great. Protecting the environment and being green. Giving customers all the convenience of shopping at a big box store, while providing the quality customer service they can only get from a local, family-owned shop.

While as the owner I have many “jobs,” the most important is to ensure that our customers have a great experience when shopping/working with us. My approach is hands on and personal (the kind of old fashioned customer service you won’t get from big box stores or online sellers).

There is an old saying in my family--the difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer. My skills include enjoying people and the ability to solve complicated problems, usually under pressure (while hopefully, making it look easy).

It is my passion to make local printing convenient. I do this by providing an environment (in store and online) where our customers get all the help they need to make their printing projects great.

I am known for my genuine concern for my customers and for our community. Having grown up in Amherst, I like to think I understand it. What makes Amherst special? What makes the Pioneer Valley great? Certainly the University and the colleges, but in large part it is the unique local businesses and non-profit organizations that give our area so much of it’s character. Being a locally owned and operated small business, we are privileged to be involved with, and to support, the success of many of these other local businesses and non-profit organizations. I value this because locally owned businesses create local jobs, invest in the local economy and give far greater support to our local non-profits than national chains and online sellers. I care about this because this is my community. I grew up here, attended college here, and am raising my family here. I am committed to the quality of life we all enjoy in our community.

As a child I loved to go into my father’s workshop and make things. You could call it the urge to create. I have also always had a keen interest in the environment and working with people. I learned early in life not to be afraid to take chances and try new things. This has led to some interesting jobs--cutting roses at Montgomery Rose Company in Hadley, yardman/truck driver at Elder Lumber in Amherst, selling Van’s skateboard shoes while living in southern California, driving PVTA buses while going to UMass, and, for many years--helping people solve their legal problems while practicing law in Amherst. So when I found out the owners of Amherst Copy & Design Works were planning to retire it didn’t take long to begin to see the possibilities.

My former career as a lawyer required the ability to solve complicated problems, often under pressure, while (hopefully) making it look easy. It also gave me a great deal of knowledge and experience with regard to document and data security. Consequently lawyers and other customers who require data security and the highest levels of confidentiality trust us with their jobs.

I grew up in a large family. My mother died (cancer) when I was 14, which in very many ways made me the person I am today. I’ve been married for over twenty years to Joanne and have three beautiful children--the oldest of whom, Liam, is now working in the shop part-time. This is truly a family business. We love our dog, Kelly, who comes to work with me most days. I love reading, golfing and camping. Trivia: we eat a gluten free diet.

If you work with me you will get all the benefits of shopping locally and all the convenience you may associate with national chains and online sellers. You will also get amazingly fast turnaround times, free local delivery, friendly personal service and technical expertise that is not available from the big guys.

So stop by the store anytime- I’m usually there (with Kelly) and I am confident we can find a way to make local printing convenient for you!