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Ever wanted to get high-quality archival photo prints at your local copy store? Well, now you can! We now offer photo prints on glossy photo paper in a variety of framable sizes. (Please email for sizes not listed on this page) These photo prints are perfect for displaying your artwork, sharing family memories, and giving as gifts. Prints are ready in a few minutes after you send us your file! No more waiting for weeks for your photos to be processed. 

Interested in seeing a few prints before purchasing? Come in and let us show you our beautiful sample collection.

Our offered papers include:

Premium Luster Photo Paper

  • Description: A photo paper somewhere between a gloss and matte.
  • Good For: Pictures with rich colors and sharp details. Also produces crisp black & white prints.
  • Texture: Slightly glossy feel with a very fine texture to help reduce glare and fingerprints.
  • Thickness: 10mil, ISO Brightness: 97%

Premium Gloss Photo Paper

  • Description: A high gloss paper with extra "shine" making colors stand out and adding contrast.
  • Good For: True to photographic prints and big graphics.
  • Texture: Highly glossy surface identical to a photo print.
  • Thickness: 10.4mil, ISO Brightness: 92%

Epson Hot Press Natural Photo Paper

  • Description: A fine art paper with a medium matte and a wide color range and natural look.
  • Good For: Fine art prints and photographs made to last.
  • Texture: A smooth matte surface designed for longevity (Free of acid, lignin, chlorine & pH buffered.)
  • Thickness: 17mil, ISO Brightness: 90%

Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper

  • Description: Need to print art for an exhibition or event? Then this is the paper for you. It prints crisp black & white and is excellent for long-lasting color prints.
  • Good For: Gallery and exhibition prints, prints with deep blacks and subtle tonal grades.
  • Texture: A smooth glossy surface that replicates F-surface darkroom paper
  • Thickness: 13mil, ISO Brightness: 111%