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PDF's, JPEG's and TIFF's. We can scan just a page or two, right on up to very large quantities at high-resolution (up to 2,400 dpi) art-house quality! We can also make searchable OCR (optical character recognition) digital documents, and convert text documents into Microsoft Word or Excel formats. Here is a list of our scanners:

1.) 11" x 17" high resolution flat bed scanner (up to 2,400 dpi). Color or black and white. We use this scanner for generating very high quality digital files. The flat bed is 11"x17", however we can still use it to scan larger pieces by doing them in sections then having one of our graphic artists assemble the digital pieces (extra charges apply for graphic arts services).

2.) 36" wide high resolution sheet feed scanner (up to 1,200 dpi). Color or black and white. We use this mainly for engineered drawings and plans, as well as larger art pieces. This scanner can handle mounted items up to a thickness of 5/8". Great for items that are on foamboard or canvas that has already been stretched on a frame.

3.) High speed document scanning--we have multiple options available for scanning just a page or two, on up to very large quantities. Color or black and white.